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Aircraft Handling

Our company provides aircraft handling services of the Russian and foreign airlines at various airports of the world.

We organize:



• Aircraft refueling

• Ground handling and loading/offloading of the aircraft

• Payment of terminal fees in airport cargo terminals

• Rent of specialized equipment for aircraft loading, offloading

• Preflight and postflight service of passengers and aircraft crew

• Passenger handling in business aviation terminals and VIP halls

• Transfer for passengers and crews and hotel arrangements

• Providing onboard food for passengers and crew

• Providing information on airport rates and fees for various aircraft modifications

• Providing information on existence of specialized equipment at the airports

• Obtaining necessary overflight and aircraft landing permissions for flights and payment of air navigation en-route


Existence of the developed agency network allows providing an information on the cost of airport handling fees and fuel for the aircraft at any airport of the world in a short time.


Considering specifics of aviation flights, we offer high-quality and expeditious service at competitive prices.

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Tel: +7-499-426-00-72

Fax: +7-499-426-00-76

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