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Cargo Charter Flights

Our company carries out the organization of cargo transportations by charter flights on various types of the Russian and foreign aircrafts worldwide, including remote areas, zones of the military conflicts and areas with a difficult political situation.

Specialists of our company have a wide experience of the organization of transportations of the following types of cargo:
  • Humanitarian goods to regions of natural disasters

  • Oversized and heavy cargo

  • Dangerous goods

  • Industrial equipment and aviation spare parts

  • space equipment and satellites

  • Helicopters

  • Live animals

The Ground Handling Department works in our Company and our specialists:

• Provide service and aircraft refueling, organize crew rest and accommodation at any airport of the world


• Organize obtaining permissions for regular and charter flights of the Customer


• Receive and provide to the Customer information on the aircraft movement en-route


Correct the schedule of flight and provide the relevant information to airport services in case of changes in the flight schedule


• Provide services if flight-dispatch assistance.

At the organization of a charter flight specialists of our company:

• Analyze cargo characteristics and provide the optimum type of the aircraft for its transportation


During the transportation of oversized and heavy goods will work technology of cargo loading and unloading, will design, and, whenever possible, will manufacture special adaptations, equipment for loading, unloading and fastening of the freight in the aircraft cargo compartment. Will carry out technical expertise of the cargo and its preparation for transportation


During Dangerous Goods (DG) transportation, will define characteristics of packing and a condition of transportation of DG according to IATA technical instructions for safe transportation of DG on air transport


Estimate expenses at the airports, carry out the analysis of technical characteristics of runways on a flight route and plan an optimum route of transportation


If necessary, will receive the official decision and recommendations the Russian Foreign Ministry about a political situation in any country on a flight route


Plan the schedule of flight taking into account regulations of the airports on a flight route


If necessary will organize work of the special equipment for aircraft onloading, offloading at the airports of departure and destination


During the transportation of live animals will make recommendations about design of containers for their transportation and will coordinate a certain temperature and other parameters of conditions in the aircraft cargo compartment for the period of transportation


If necessary, will organize cargo pick up from a warehouse of the sender and it’s transportation in the airport of departure, and also delivery of the cargo after its air transportation from airport of destination to a door of the final recipient, will propose and will organize complex logistic solutions in any situation throughout transportation. Provide cargo insurance during loading, offloading and transportation periods.


Will carry out flight tracking and will inform the Customer on cargo location and conditions at any stage of transportation.

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