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Automobile transportation


Automobile transportation is one of the most convenient and economic ways of cargo transportation.


The extensive network of highways and roads across Russia and abroad allows effective delivering of various types of cargo by automobile transport from the sender's warehouse to a warehouse of the consignee.


Having contracts with many transport companies across Russia and abroad, our company can organize automobile cargo transportation in various regions of Russia, the CIS, and in the countries of Europe, China, the Middle East and the USA. ‏

Our Company arranges:
  • Automobile transportation across Russia and international routes 

  • Transportation of various types of the cargo-as small cargo from 1kg and heavy and oversized cargo, long pieces and industrial equipment, Dangerous Goods

  • Freight intake from a warehouse of the sender and multimodal cargo delivery to the consignee

  • Transportation of combined freights across Russia, across Moscow and Moscow region

  • Intra customs transit mode transportation 

  • Transportation of oversized and heavy cargo

  • Complex tracking information

Transportation of oversized and heavy cargo


  • Our company arranges transportation of various types of oversized and heavy cargo, long pieces, liquid and dangerous goods  


  • Trawls and trailers as well as special equipment for transportation are used for transportation of heavy cargo


We provide services in transportation route calculation, obtaining the corresponding permissions for transportation of large-size and heavy cargo from road departments, and organize work of special equipment during loading/offloading.

We use tented and all-metall trucks, refrigerators and isotherms and special automobile transport for cargo transportation.


We use different capacity trucks from small ones to euro trucks with volume 82 cubic meters as well as special trucks.


We organize transportation of goods as by separate cars and transportations of combined cargo that considerably reduces transportation cost.



Our qualified staff helps to plan a route and to calculate transportation cost.


We will pack the cargo and organize loading/offloading of the vehicle, if necessary.


Our company provides services in cargo insurance for a guarantee of it’s safety during the transportation.


Our company provides strict observance of the safety mode and confidentiality during transportation of any type of cargo.



Our company offers services in cargo delivery by the automobile transport in optimum routes and the attractive prices

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