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Definitions and general rules of Dangerous Goods transportation


Dangerous Goods (DG) - a product or substance which are capable to put at a great risk health, safety or property of people in transit and which are classified according to the criteria stated in various sets of rules. Transportation of goods, relating to dangerous, demands observance of special conditions of transportation, packing and registration of special accompanying documentation.


Dangerous Goods could be transported by air only subject to “Technical instructions on safe transportation of DG by air of "International Civil Aviation Organization” (ICAO). If other isn't specified in technical instructions, no person can show or accept DG for civil transportation by air if these freights are properly not classified, have no documentation, aren't certified, not described, not packed, not marked, have no signs of danger and aren't in a due state for transportation as it is required according to instructions.


Dangerous Goods Transportation Service.

Specialists of our company will carry out a necessary expert assessment and will organize transportation of DG according to all regulating documents.


We offer the customer a full complex of services related to DG transportation, namely:

- Help in the correct classification of DG;

- Selection of an optimum route depending on the customer's priorities (time of delivery, type of transport, price component, etc.) and requirements to DG transportation conditions of all countries en-route;

- Cargo pick up from a warehouse of the sender (customer);

- Registration of a package of documents and cargo marking according to requirements of the legislation;

- Warehousing and DG handling;

- Cargo insurance;

- We carry out obtaining of all necessary permissions of the aviation authorities en-route.


- In special cases, transportation of DG forbidden for transportation by air by ICAO “Technical Instructions on Safe Transportation of DG by Air" is possible. In these cases we render assistance in receiving a special release from action of ICAO “Technical Instructions” from the aviation authorities of the countries en-route.


Possibility of DG transportation depends on its characteristics, a route and type of the vehicle. Nature of packing and a condition of DG transportation are to be coordinated with specialists of our company having a wide experience on DG transportation by the different types of transport in advance.


In each case, we propose to clients the complex solution of the tasks facing them. We look for optimum routes, select a suitable type of transport in order to make cargo transportation quick and safe.

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